am i still not good enough?

Taylor Swift for Rolling Stone Magazine: September 2014


Jade + Vevo Lift

get to know me meme | [1/?] favorite musical artists
↳ Beyoncé; I have a lot of awards and I have a lot of these things that are amazing and I worked my ass off, I worked harder than probably everybody I know to get those things, but nothing feels like my child singing ‘mummy’. No, nothing feels like when I look my husband in the eyes, nothing feels like when I’m respected, when I get on the stage and I see I’m changing peoples lives.Those are the things that matter and at this point in my life that’s what I’m striving for - growth, love, happiness, fun.

calum5sos: All that’s on tv is soap operas and the view. Looks like I’m staying in today

Jade on her way to Jean-Pierre Braganza SS15 Fashion Show practicing her ‘Posh London Fashion Week’ face